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I'm here doing my responsibility... I don't want to see blood spilt before this fight. Understand even if this fight does happen the promoters are keeping you anticipating the fight, thats why they get paid top dollar to be who they are and to promote who they do... The fight itself might make you want to grab that knife again though... The fight will happen despite what these retards on this site say... There is too much money and reputation at stake for it not to happen. Just know the fight itself will be boring as hell, news flash: you are still going to be watching a Mayweather fight!!! His style is boring to watch over a whole bout to the casual boxing fan. Pac Man if all plays out and i'm not saying it will, but if it plays out how myself and professional analysts think, Pac man will get frustrated which will lead to a boring fight. I am with you I think this fight needs to happen tonight, but it's not going to and if you think the anticipation is bad now wait til the promoters hit full stride and its a week a way... My final conclusion on this post is... Don't slit your wrist until after the fight, that way at least you will get to see an over hyped fight. Good luck with your depression-
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