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Default Foreman vs Moorer II.........What May Have Been.

''Foreman had promised to give us a rematch and that was what we wanted obviously. But King was trying to move his guys in, the whole corrupt machinery of boxing was in play. We moved forward as if the rematch would get worked out''.

''We weren't stupid or naive enough to think Foreman and his people might not **** us, but we also knew we had to act. There was a certain date the fight was going to happen, if we could set it up, and that was only a few months away''.

''So my call was to start training camp. Michael had gotten very heavy. There was alot of work to do on his body and psyche. We went to Woodland Hills, California, and spent three weeks there. He dropped bout twenty pounds and training went well''.

''Meanwhile I was keeping in touch with Davimos about the negotiations. We were going to get three million for the fight, and Foreman wanted eight to ten million. When HBO wound't come up with that money, I offered to give my end of the purse, about $300,000. Michael offered some, too''.

''It went back and forth, on and off, and finally the call came, the last call: it was gone''.

''I took a hour by myself to think about what I was going to tell Michael. I didn't want to lose him. I finally went to his room, and as soon as I walked through the door he said ''It's off isn't it?'' He could tell just by looking at me''.

''Look Michael,'' I began, there was never a guarantee that this was going to happen, but that dosent mean that what we did here dosen't matter'' This was about us, it wasn't about George Foreman''.

''As I was talking to him, Michael turned away from me. I thought he was giving me a problem and I grabbed his shoulder''.

''Look at me when am talking to you'' I said, spinning him around. I was expecting a attitude and I was stunned when I first saw his face. He was crying''.

''Michael I thought''

''It's okay Teddy, he said. The tears slid down his cheeks. I'm going to be all right''

''Teddy Atlas''
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