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Originally Posted by Mick Jagger View Post

since the moronic floyd haters cant use JMM to flame floyd, as he was totally outclassed. This confrontation is like an early christmas present for the moron anti floyd brigade, jesus christ watch it again you dumb retards, NOTHING even happened, they shook hands, and floyd said I aint scared of you and asked him to not disrespect his interview.

if anything MOSLEY looked like a total idiot, and floyd remained classy, stutter? floyd stutters from time to time, when he's skating with his daughter or in post fight interviews.

the amount of idiots on here is astounding.

We can't all be high quality posters like you, Mick.

I realise I'm playing with fire by asking you this, but give me the satisfaction of an answer: why would Floyd say to someone "I'm not scared of you" when they haven't said he is in the first place?
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