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What did Duran prove at 154, before he was KO'd by Herans??? Yet this is Herans best win. Losing to Benitez and Laing and beating a green Moore in his 12th fight IS proving yourself??
TKO'd Davey Moore the light middleweight champ. KO'd former WW champ Pipino Cuevas. Won a decision over LMW contender Luigi Minchillo.

Duran held a world title at the weight. Isn't that enough to prove yourself?

Didn't Floyd win a world title at 21??? Yet Hagler couldn't KO a bum at age of 21.
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Greatness right there
I see this is all an attempt to make Floyd Mayweather look better.

Wilfred Benitez won a title at 17, yet Floyd couldn't even beat Augie Sanchez in the amateurs.

As I said, one of those fights was a blatant hometown robbery which can be viewed on youtube. The other one was never filmed from what I know.

Hagler avenged both losses with brutal knockout wins.

He beat an Olympic gold medalist. That is nothing. Winning a gold medal in amateurs is nothing compared to a real pro fight. It was obvious his style was not suited to professional ranks. Hagler shouldn't been drawing with nobodies, he is ranked a top 20 ATG, which is a obvious mistake
Seales was also a good professional with 56 wins on his record. Hagler was brought into lose against the hometown fighter who was an Olympic champion and a highly regarded prospect. Hagler upset him and was robbed of a win in the rematch. Hagler KO'd him in one round in their third fight.

I rarely see Hagler ranked as a top 20 ATG.

He changed his name. Leonard said no to him in front of his face, Racist attacks in England. I just listed 3 controversies surrounding Hagler.
Changing his name was no controversy. Leonard said no because he had a detached retina which Hagler understood. Only the Minter fight was controversial but Hagler himself was hardly a controversial character. He wasn't well-known by the public despite all his achievements until later on in his career.

Getting KO'd by another great fighter is understandable. But getting KO'd nobodies and getting outboxed them is shameful.
Hearns was never outboxed by anybody, never. Hagler and Leonard were not exactly nobodies. Even Barkley wasn't, he was a strong, durable middleweight contender who went onto win 3 world titles. In the first fight he was being hammered for 3 rounds until landing a haymaker, in the rematch he pressured Hearns to the ropes and outworked him by throwing more than 1000 punches, winning a split decision.

Some good wins there. No GREAT wins IMO. There are many contenders in boxing these days and those days.
Pipino Cuevas was a great win at the time, so were Benitez, Duran and Hill. He also had a whole lot of other solid wins which strengthen his resume.

Why do post videos??? Just amazing how Duran can be considered as great defensive fighter. Ask Hearns how great his defense is. Duran defense is good as Hatton. He was extremely flat footed and didn't move his head when needed
Ridiculous. Duran had great head movement at any weight and footwork at 135 lbs, one of the best fighters to mix in both offense and defense.

The video I posted proves that he had much better defense compared to Hatton and most other boxers.

Hearns's speed, reach and power caught Duran by complete surprise and he was practically out after being knocked down in the first round. He fought solely on instinct from that point on.

Castillo resume is better than Esteban DeJesus. That is a fact
Castillo had controversial wins over Stevie Johnston and Joel Casamayor at 135 lbs and a couple of decent wins over Juan Lazcano and Julio Diaz. Hardly any better than DeJesus beating Roberto Duran, Alfonso Frazer, Suzuki Ishimatsu, Ray Lampkin, Edwin Viruet... Of course I doubt you know too much about these fighters.

Leonard is a fraud for waiting Hagler to get old. Hagler also embarrassed himself not being able to KO a natural WW.
You could also say that Leonard was courageous to take on the middleweight champion of the world after a long layoff and Hagler must've been good to take a great fighter like Leonard to a controversial split decision while past his prime.

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