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Originally Posted by #1Assassin View Post
a non boxer can critisize a fighters skill. cuz just cuz he never boxed himself doesnt mean he doesnt know his boxing. however he has no idea what its like to feel the type of pain u feel in the ring, hense they have no right to critizise someone for quitting. cuz they dont know what they are talking about.

i became a boxing fan at age 13. i called certain fighters cowards and ******* etc. right after i turned 17 i started boxing myself. the first time i took a good liver shot i was in shock and disbelief at how badly it hurt and i never called a pro fighter a ***** or coward since, nor critisized him for quitting. if he quit it hurts his lageacy ofcourse, but i cant critisize him cuz u cant demand of anyone to go thru the pain u got thru in a boxing ring. and u need to have been in a ring yourself to understand that.

Good post. I think what the TS is trying to say is why can't we criticize him for quitting if it is our opinion? It doesn't make it right or true but a lot of people come on here sayingf just cause your not a boxer you don't know. That may be the case but we still can have our opinion.
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