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Originally Posted by Benncollinsaad View Post
Now wait just a second! You didn't mention James Kinchen, who Hearns had a very hard time beating and who knocked Hearns down once. Virgil beat him by 1st round KO! Lucky? I doubt it. He was that good. He was no power puncher but he could knock out guys that weren't so easy to knock out because of his skill. He knew just when to hit and where. As you already said he also beat Czyz, who was a dangerous puncher with good boxing skills.

Why he didn't fight Williams or Moorer I don't know. Can it be that they weren't so keen on fighting him either?! He had a reputation to be hard to figure out and tough to beat. Even Hearns had problems with his style. Hearns won that fight by 2 points imo. At least one judge also saw it that way. I mean surely THAT must be a proof that Hill was no fluke. Even RJ had problems with him before he found the right spot in round 4. He said he couldn't get to him anywhere else so he had to go to the body. Another proof of his defensive and technical abilities.

I am really sick and tired of naysayers like you questioning a great fighter and a great guy like Virgil. Forgive me but it seems to me that non-black fighters get their legacy questioned more often than black fighters. In America, that is. Even Oscar DLH is. In the meantime, a guy like Bernard Hopkins is automatically branded an ATG, a legend. That aint fair.
I always thought Hill was at least part Black...but w/e.

Bernard proved himself for 20 years ducking no one. Hill protected himself for 10, then when he wasn't protected proved to be mediocre.

Who exactly did James Kinchen beat to be a credible fighter? Almost winning one time ain't good enough. The only reason he almost won against Hearns was because of what I said, the man was flat out over the hill. Hill was a BETTER fighter than Hearns at the time they met, but simply lost head to head because Hearns was motivated and beat him on the experience gap, which wouldn't have been there if they didn't protect the kid so much. They fed him tomato cans to make him look special. The same thing was done with RJJ, but at least when he fought washed up fighters (McCallum, R. Johnson, Pazienza) he got the job done.

And no...Moorer and Williams did not avoid Hill. They wanted him more than anyone else in the LHW division.
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