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I'll give you Cotto's sportsmanship and his all out respect for his fans and his opponents... that is very respectable.

But the guy just looked lazy, slow, and tired... especially after round 6. He had Clottey in a vulnerable position 100 times last night and he couldn't finish him off. I was at the fight last night, surrounded by 5 billion puerto ricans and i can tell you they thought the same thing at times during the fight.

He doesn't have a second gear... once he comes in for an exchange, he doesn't come back in for another go at it... he just lolly gags with his hands down to the other side of the ring and stands there waiting for Clottey.

He will lose his next fight if he fights Marg or Pac... because Margarito comes forward all the time and Cotto will back up the whole fight like he did last time... and Pac is faster and has that second gear, and he will jump at Cotto when he's lolly gagging with his hands down.
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