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Default Calzaghe Diehard Stans, Come In Here. *Dawson Related*

When Dawson and Boxing fans say Calzaghe should give Dawson the time of day, Calzaghe die hards say, "Who has Chad fought?"

They bring up Johnson by saying "Chad fought an old man, got hurt and almost lost" but some how don't realize the stupidity of their comments as Calzaghe also fought an "OLDER man" in Hopkins and actually got knocked down and also almost lost.

Then they bring up Tarver saying "Chad only wants to fight old men" but some how forget that Calzaghe choose Jones who hasn't been significant, is more past his prime than Tarver and also got KTFO by Tarver more recently than Johnson lost to Hopkins.

Lets take a closer look at this.

Joe Calzaghe is a name in boxing now.......barely. He may be a household superstar name in Great Brittain and some of the eastern world, but like it or not, if you aren't a name in America, you truly aren't a name in Boxing. Thats just the way it is. Non Americans want to say that Boxing doesn't end with the USA and thats true, it does, but Boxing FAME pretty much does.

The fact that both Calzaghe and Hatton wanted to fight in AMERICA is proof of my statement. The fact that both Calzaghe and Hatton have made the most money in a fight in AMERICA is proof of my statement.

But lets a take a look at how Calzaghe has barely made a name for himself by "beating America's best" as Calzaghe stans would have you believe.

The Jeff Lacy Victory

The first "exposure" to American audiences was of Calzaghe's brilliant dismantling of the highly touted Jeff Lacy. Everyone and their mother thought Lacy was going to destroy Calzaghe, but that didn't happen. Calzaghe pretty much ended Lacy's career as a professional boxer adding a GREAT win to his resume. A classic Calzaghe preformance.

The Peter Manfredy Jr. Victory

A showcase. A fluffer for Calzaghe. Thats all this really was. Manfredo was chosen for his presumed popularity beign associated with The Contender. Not even Manfredo's own kids thought he was going to win this fight. This was a complete mismatch and every one knew it. Don't even know why Cal fans bring this victory up. Its like Cotto fans bringing up the Gomez win as proof of greatness or Floyd fans talking about the Baldomir fight.

The Bernard Hopkins Victory

Coming into this fight, Hopkins was 2-2 in his last 4 fights. He had just come off one of the most boring fights ever produced on HBO. Hopkins, regardless of his recent wins, was considered an "old man", but that didn't stop Calzaghe from chasing him for a fight. Hopkins was still considered the best LHW in the division. So the fight was made, the hype was made and both stepped into the ring. Calzaghe gets KD'd in the first round and takes a while to find his rythm. But he doesn't necessarily REALLY do that now does he? We don't see vintage Cal in this fight. We see someone that doesn't necessarily know how to deal with Hopkin's dirty trickery. He loses all form, doesn't even attempt to HURT Hopkins as he decides to punch Hop with the OTHER side of his glove. Most actual exchanges, Calzaghe appeared to be on the worse end of them, but his pure work rate (as ineffective as it was), won him the fight. He didnt dominate. He didnt "kick any arse" as Cal fans try to make others believe. He barely edged out Hopkins only because he did more work than him. Hell, I scored it for Calzaghe.

So looking back at all the wins against American fighters, his only TRUE, DOMINATING preformance against an ABLE and DANGEROUS American fighter was against Jeff Lacy. hopkins was dangerous, but he didn't dominate him convincingly. If you guys want to call what he did against Hopkins Boxing, then go ahead, most wont.

So this is your "American Killer"? The only other great win was against Kessler, which I thought was brilliant. So including the Kessler fight, he's really only had 2 GREAT wins against GOOD fighters within the past 4 years.

Now, Calzaghe stans were saying, "Who the fack is Chad Dawrson? He's a nobody, who has he beat?"

Well, he went ahead and fought one of the biggest names in the LHW Division by the name of Glen Johnson and then went ahead and DOMINATED another big name, one of the BIGGEST names in the LHW division by the name of Antonio Tarver. Besides Bernard Hopkins (who wont fight Chad), those are the other 2 big names in the division.

Is that not what you guys were asking for? For Chad to make a name for himself? You guys say he's a nobody. He fights SOMEBODIES and then the excuse who changed to..

"Chad Dawson wants to make his name by fighting grandpas"

So then what is it, how he is supposed to make a name for himself? Let's be real here. Isn't that how Calzaghe made his name? By fighting grandpas in Bernard Hopkins and Roy Jones Jr? Chad isn't going to raise his marketing stock by fighting people that are unknown to the general public. Thats now how this Boxing **** works. Glen Johnson and Antonio Tarver were HIGHLY ranked LHW when Chad fought them. He wasn't just fighting 2 old hags.

Another reason why Dawson deserves a shot at Calzaghe. Calzaghe is generally considered the best LHW in the world, now. Refer to the previous text in red for reference of relation. He's already fought the other LHW in Hopkins. How is it blasphemy that the 3rd or 2nd best LHW (in most rankings), Chad Dawson, is asking for a shot at Calzaghe? Explain that to me? Isn't Calzaghe supposed to fight guys like Chad Dawson? Who else is there really for him to fight? He already said he wont fight Hopkins and Kessler again. Froch? Froch seriously deserve a shot ahead of Dawson? Not even you guys believe that.

So, again, there is no true reason why Dawson doesn't deserve a shot at Calzaghe. There isn't. Any excuse Cal stans bring up can EASILY apply to Calzaghe pre Hopkins. Any attempt to discredit Dawson's rise or game plan to familiarity and legacy can EASILY be applied to Calzaghe. Some one, let me know with out a DOUBT why this shouldn't happen.
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