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you need a kick - Freedom. muh race card - thuggery Floyd's just used it. Enjoy. - MrTambourineMan 

So by your logic, Oscar de la Hoya "conquered" and was king of six divisions since he won titles at six weight classes!

Again, I give Mayweather his props for doing what he did and being king of 130 and 135...but beating Arturo Gatti at 140 isn't conquering that division, beating Carlos Baldomir at 147 isn't conquering that division, beating a 35-year-old Oscar de la Hoya who hadn't won a major fight in years, isn't conquering the 154 lb. division.

You're a Floyd fan, I get it. But you're making yourself sound more and more like a dumbass when it comes to boxing knowledge.
who was the best fighter at 130, 135, 140, 147, and 154 when floyd was fighting in that time period. how many top fighters in each weight class did he beat that were recognized as the champion
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who was the best at 149 when floyd fought at that weight
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what about 147, and 154
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