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Default Stephane Patry Denies Any Involvement In Shuting Down Rival Promotion


Stephane Patry, Owner of TKO Productions in Montreal, gave his side of the story on the cancellation of the rival Canadian promotion "Shut Up and Fight" at the British Columbia event on MMAWeekly Radio on Monday.

Patry said, "We had nothing to do with it," and that the allegations made against he and Mark Pavelich are false. He stated that the event was not sanctioned by anyone and was canceled because it was illegal. Stephane added that Pavelich is not part of TKO and he couldn't speak for him but is confident that Mark had nothing to do with it either.

Patry said it is easier for Les Dickens, owner of the "Shut Up and Fight Promotion" to place blame rather than just admit that he messed up. He went on to say that he is against illegal events and if it were to take place in his home providence of Quebec, he would have attempted to shut it down but maintained that he had nothing to do with this situation.

Stephane requested that Ryan Bennett call the Mayor of British Colombia to get conformation that, in fact, he and Mark Pavelich had nothing to do with it.

Meanwhile Dickens had this statement sent to once he heard what Paltry had to say on the show. Dickens said quote....

" Shut-Up and Fight The Proving Grounds scheduled to take place Saturday December 6th in Vernon British Columbia Canada, was to be sanctioned by UFCF in Washington State as well as the Candian Mixed Martial Arts Council. In addition, we were working on finalizing sanctioning from a local athletic commission as well. I attempted for over a week after Mark Pavelich's very vocal concerns were posted on the underground to contact him in reference to any concerns he may have about my event, he neglected to return any of my repeated calls."

"My event held 3 million dollars liability insurance which was three times the requred amount for that facility at an additional cost of $2700. These events in the community of Vernon have been ran without incident, insured, sanctioned and licensed by a variety of organizations as is public record. I finish with this... this event and the Canadian MMA community was struck a huge blow specifically by two individuals and organizations Mark Pavelich of Maximum Fighting Championships in Alberta as well as the ring leader Stephane Petry of TKO in Quebec. Both individuals have shut down and attempted to shut down numerous shows throughout the country out of greed, unprofesionalism and a total disrespect for the sport. They are both true scumbags. I, not as a promoter, but as a true fight fan am stating this, you have both done enough damage and showed enough disrespect for the sport, no matter what you feel your contributions to it have been, it is time to move on. Please leave the sport of MMA in Canada"
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