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Originally Posted by Jim Jeffries View Post
Huge levels of economic inequality exist in every country in the world; except in this one, it is much more possible to increase your wealth and stature than anywhere else. We're the strongest country in the world because we have the greatest mixture of cultures and we use a wide variety of different economic systems. Like you have posted, our police force, public education system, etc are socialistic in nature, yet work fairly well. But our Government also owns Amtrak, which loses a billion and a half dollars per year. Your argument reads "well if a beer a day is good for you, a case a day must be great," which simply isn't true.

Capitalism hasn't failed in this country. We are in a downturn, which happens in a cyclical economy, and which was caused in great part by the huge numbers of bank failures over the last year. Almost all of these were due to banks being forced into making bad loans by organizations like ACORN. We had inflation, mostly caused by oil skyrocketing to 146 dollars a barrel, due to our huge consumption (20 million barrels per day) and complete unwillingness to drill for more (or convert coal to oil, or mine oil shale, build new nuclear power plants, etc and artificially driven up by futures speculation.)

The top 1% in this country pay as much income tax as the bottom 90%, yet people like yourself cry that they should pay more. Our government has turned into a 2+ trillion dollar a year eating slug, with an increasing population that feed off those that produce and keep begging for more.

You have this elitist attitude because you have some secondary education, taught by dirtbags like William Ayers and Rashid Khalidi, no doubt. I know many like you, most have never gotten dirt under their fingernails and have no idea what real work is.
I agree with that point. It is much easier to tell people they should give away more of their money when you have never had to really work for it.

I also agree with your point that every single failure of capitalism is a direct result of interference.

Oil prices are a direct result of capitalism not being allowed to increase supply to levels needed to meet demand.

The subprime crisis is a result of capitalism being forced to make decisions that did not make sense on a risk/reward basis.

The notion that capitalism is responsible for massive gaps in inequality is also patently false. There is always a fine balance between the rich and the poor in capitalism.

If the poor get too poor the rich don't make money. Greed is not rewarded, contributing positively to your customers is. The companies are not out there robbing people. They are out there providing goods and services that help people, that enhance peoples lives, and improve the economic environment.

Socialism is where true inequality comes into play. When the people do not have a choice of how to spend their money, the government can funnel that money to whoever they chose. Look at places like Cuba. Fidel Castro is a BILLIONAIRE.

Do you think he got that was because he worked hard and contributed to the economy? Nope. He got that way because the government is in charge of where peoples tax dollars go, and the government decided they should go to Castro.

In a system where one entity has the power to decided who is allowed to have, and who isn't a small group of people always come out as the winners.
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