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Originally Posted by Lenny McLean View Post
So you admit he pussied out with some crap excuses? He knew Floyd would have schooled him. I heard that 19 fights and still green bull**** before. Obviously you have not researched properly or you would know he had called him out and he was perceived to be afraid of Liston and others. He retired YOUNG the same way Frank Warren never brings his fighters to USA in their primes and their contemporaries primes: PROTECTION.
Dude Marciano's right hand on Patersons Chin dosent sound to good for paterson if ingo KOed a more experanced paterson marciano would have done that same only in more brutal fashion Paterson wouldnt have KOed Marciano and sure as hell couldnt go 15 rounds without being hit considering all the punches marciano threw

19 fights in those days was very young and liston had only bee fighting for 2 years Who gets a title shot after only 19 fights and 2 yars of activity against someone as proven as marciano was?

im a fan of both paterson and liston but i know marciano would have beaten them at the time the foght would have been made
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