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Originally Posted by Lenny McLean View Post
YES. He retirewd ealry because he knew he was overrated and would get killed by PAtterson and yes he did know about the upcoming Liston too no matter what the people who suck his balls say. Also, it is not racist to say that he was overrated because he was white. It is a race related comment and not racist you dumb ****ing ****s. It's just a fact of the times and 'the great white hope' is a common saying. He was just that which is why they ride his dick and think he can beat Ali. I'm not black, but even a purple man can see that Ali would kill him. He isn't even top ten in the ATG's of the heavyweight division.
Liston had 19 fights at the time and marcianos body was breaking down at the time of his retirement he had also lost his will to train to his fullest
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