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What a load of tosh. You bring up some spurious poll as if it has any relevance, only a few hundred people probably took part. No doubt there was 10 other polls that came up[ with a totally different conclusion. And, as someone that lives in Newcastle, i can't say i've come across anyone that thinks we're better than Villa, City etc. That would be ridiculous, the league doesn't lie.

Originally Posted by .Mik. View Post
This is why you are a joke club, not just to Sunderland supporters, but you should be to every supporter in the country. We get up, spend a lot of money (because you have to) and by the looks of it MAY just stay up, thats all any promoted club can realistically look for. In the history of the Premier League, you are the third biggest spenders. There are about 10 teams in that division who look more worthy of third position than yourselves. The money we've spent this season, you've spent similar EVERY SINGLE SEASON for a decade. Where is the progress?
We've qualified for europe 10 times since we got promoted to the premiership, we've finished in the top 4 4 times including 2 2nd place finishes. We've also made it to 2 FA Cup finals, a UEFA cup semi final(and quarter final), and the 2nd group phase of the champions league - beating Juventus and drawing at the san siro with Inter on the way. Lets not make out like we're done nothing in recent times, we've had a good go of it but we've just not been able to come away with a trophy to show for it, or maintain the success.

Which of the last 10 Newcastle managers have gone there and gone on to bigger things? I had an argument with one of my students just after Allardyce's sacking cos he was saying that they deserved a proven manager. I listed Allardyce (has a better record of recent Premier League finishes with Bolton than Newcastle have, so he's a better manager than the team he was managing), Gullit (Did some great work at Chelsea), Souness (won titles around the world), Daglish (one of the very few men to win the Premier League and Robson (one of the most proven managers in English football) and they were all either flops or shafted at Newcastle, so why would anyone want to go there?
Ask Didier Deschamps, he was very vocal about being interested in the job. Newcastle are a rich club with plenty of potential, i think it is a challenge that some managers would relish.

Why bring up these awful managers? Gullit was never a good manager, he failed on Holland and has ended up in the MLS. Souness destroyed Robsons Newcastle, he sent some of our best players packing, we went from 5th ro 14th under him. He was doing badly with Blackburn before us aswell. Dalgliesh took the 2nd best team in the country and led them to 13th place the following season, he was lucky while at Blackburn to have a prime Shearer in his ranks - any team would've won the league at the time with him upfront. And Robson, most people would consider his time here a success, he brought us champions league football and the fans love him. By the end of his time his health was failing and his time here had to come to and end, unfortunately he was sacked at the wrong time and replaced by the wrong man.

Originally Posted by .Mik. View Post
Its a nightmare club. You dont get any time to do anything, you'll never meet the support's ridiculous expectations of expecting to be competing with Arsenal, Man Utd, Liverpool and Chelsea (at least a couple of them many fans think that they are a bigger ****ing club than). Although every man and his dog knows that Newcastle need defenders and yet every ounce of money you get, the crowd start salivating over the prospect of blowing it on a striker.
Like is said this just isn't true. Obviously the ultimate aim of all clubs is to compete with the best, that's what sport's about. But we don't expect it straight away, all we expect to see is the team making progress on the field, like any fans. I think you're getting the crowd mixed up with Freddy Shepherd, he was the one obsessed with strikers. There seems to be a consensus around the country that Shepherd talks for us, he doesn't, most fans hate him for the way he ran the club and made silly comments in the tabloids.

Originally Posted by .Mik. View Post
He claimed that on their day Newcastle can beat the top teams, I pointed out that on an average day they can be beat by everyone. He outright REFUSED to accept that they were, by merit, a top 10 club at best with their current squad and form. The big 4 are better. Aston Villa are better (he refused to accept this), Blackburn are better (he OUTRIGHT refused to accept this), Tottenham are a bigger club and should be better and will end up being better (refused to accept that), Portsmouth are better (despite being tonked off them, he refused to accept this), Man City are better (refused to accept), Everton are better (refused to accept). YES, Newcastle MIGHT beat them more often than not, but its not the individual games that matter, its the consistency over the season. Newcastle draw with an in-form Arsenal and suddenly they think that they have a divine right to beat the lower teams that they've been under-performing with all this time just because they have demonstrated that they can hang with Arsenal. So thats 10 clubs I've listed who are fairly undeniably in terms of performances, form and the players that they have and the work they are currently putting in. Whats more, all of these teams have good, solid and settled managers with the exception of Tottenham (who are underperforming), Chelsea (who I could manage myself and get ahead of Newcastle) and Man City (who have been blessed with a manager who is simply doing a great job. Yet they wonder why they can break into the that group with their 1 manager a year, no stability club. Fat Sam got Newcastle exactly where they deserve to be, and was sacked for it. Yet Keegan (the big hero) comes in and shames you worse in a couple of months than Sam did in his time there, and you cheer him like he's the messiah.
This is nonsense. For a start some random that you've spoken to doesn't speak for however many Newcastle fans are out there. Then we're back to the old chestnut of Newcastle fans thinking our team i better than everyone else, which i don't get at all, if anything everyone is tearing in the squad "sell this player" "he's gash" "he can go" etc etc etc. What you're saying is just completely false in my eyes. Fat Sam was leading us to our lowest ever points total, he was doing no better than Keegan, i still recall us going to Derby and playing for a 0-0 draw, he did this against every team and nearly everyone out played us. Allardyce was making bizarre decisions in his tactics every week - N'Zogbia at left back, Martins on the right wing, Milner on the left wing, a 3 man midfield of Butt, Smith, and Barton/Geremi every week with Emre nowhere to be seen, and he kept changing the back 4 every week which was unsettling, how could any partnerships build up. And don't get me started on his actions in the transfer market. So lets not defend Allardyce here. Also Mike Ashley did not appoint him and did not want him spending his money in the market, the only thing i would say is that he sacked him at the wrong time. That's all.

On Keegan, he has been left with a difficult job until the summer. The squad is low on confidence, there is little pace, and no good football brains. So far he has had a difficult run of games, Arsenal away twice, Villa away and Man U at home are tough fixtures. And if the ref didn't have a stinker in the Boro game then we would have gotten 3 points and things would look much better. He's had it tough. After Liverpool there is a run of winnable games that should help us limp over the finishing so that the squad can be totally rebuilt in the summer.

Overall all i'm seeing in your post is alot of tabloid cliches and rhetoric that doesn't have much substance at all. For example the use of the word "messiah", jesus man, who is calling Keegan the messiah? I'll tell you, the tabloids and sky sports.
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