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Originally Posted by norbak1258 View Post
This is going to be long.

Well let's start here with the obvies, God did not create man perfect. He created them in his own image, but that does not mean perfect. Now, we go to the tree of knowledge, well guess what if he didn't put the tree there in the firt place we would not have to deal with hell, further more, even with the tree being there was not enogh to get adam and eve to sin,he had to allow the snake to tempt/trick eve, if you belive that the snake is satan, then you have to concede that satan can not do anything without the approval of God, Satan can't do anything without the permision from God, this sound like God wanted humans to fail from the beguining. Now what is sin

Yes, according the the bible, God DID make man perfect. Secondly, God DID put the tree of knowledge in the garden to see if man would choose God or satan. God didn't want us to fail. He was testing us and our faithfulness to Him. WE failed, NOT God.

This is stupid. If God is all powerfull, and all loving there is no need for hell, he has the power to forgive all sins without having to sacrifice Jesus.

God doesn't do anything that violates His perfect holiness. The sacrifice was necessary to preserve HIS holiness. HE provided the sacrifice anyway by sending His only Son to die for those who hate Him. Now that's love.

Your first sentece here is very interesting, I guess you have not read the book of Job. Take a look at job 2:3 I think you will find that it contradicts your first sentence, now let move on to the rest, You have this all wrong buddy. Jesus is the price for your sins. Which means that you do not pay for your sins, Jesus did that already, therefore God does not have to pardon any of your sins. This sounds like a cop out from the christian religion. And let get this right with your analogy of going to jail for a crime, you dont go to jail for every crime. It's funny how a loving God will send you to hell for lying. but will still bless you for having 800 concubines.

You go to jail for a crime IF you are caught. Well, guess what? In heaven they keep PERFECT records. You get caught EVERY TIME.

Here we go, this is the reason I cant go with the traditional christian world view, you are not accountable for your actions. I will do what I want, when I want and the only thing I need to do is accept Jesus as my personal savior and I will go to heaven. Well guess what, this means that if Hittler accepted Jesus in his heart 5 min before he died he would also be in Heaven, how is that fair??? The guy that rapes little children also get to go to heaven? yes, is that fair? God is all knowing and powerfull, where was he when the 5 year old little girl was getting raped? if you ask me that is the greates sin of them all, knowing and not acting to protect and therefore not worthy of worship.

Who said that you are not accountable for your actions? That's not biblical. It says you are forgiven, that doesn't mean that you aren't accountable still to pay in this life. Yes, even hitler could have repented and gone to heaven. The worst criminals can repent to God and go to heaven, but it MUST be genuine.

That is what the bible wich is bull, live a life or murder, rape and so on, and you still go to heaven like the people that did as much as they could to do right by everyone else.

It's NOT about being as wicked as possible so that you can repent later. It's about realizing that you are a sinner and turning to God from it.

Hell no, for the reason that I have stated above, in order to accept Jesus you would have to belive that God is worthy of worship and obviesly hi is not. Having all the power, knowledge and not doing anything to protect the ones that cant protect themselvs makes him a hypocrit. Answer this, if you know 100% that I was going to kill my neighber this afternoon at 3 pm. and you did not notify the police, what do you think would happend to you? I can tell you that you would be charged with accesory to 1st degree murder and would go to jail. There is no differece between that analogy and what God does. He knows what people will do and does nothing to protect the once that cant protect themselve.

God IS worthy of our worship in EVERY way and perfect in EVERY way. That is not a good analogy of what God does. God forgives, He doesn't take the punishment away in THIS life. Only in the next.

God gave you the power of free will. If God should interfere with what you have set out in you heart to do that is evil like murdering someone, then whats the point of free will? Doesn't that defeat the whole purpose? God isn't the one committing the murder, you are, because of your free will. God set out the rules for you of whats right and wrong, and now its up to you and according to your free will of what your going to do.

Yes, that's what the tree of knowledge was about. God doesn't interfere most of the time. If He did, then there would be no murders.

And God is holy and therefore a hell is necessary to separate those that arent worthy of his blessing. Something that glorious can't have something that is evil such as a rapist amongst him.

That's true. When a person is forgiven by God, they are covered by the blood of Jesus and washed clean. They are no longer a murderer in God's eyes.

In the bible it sais only God knows your heart, so therefore he'l know if a sinner such as a murderer or rapist is sincere in his heart when he accepts christs and decides to break away from his ways.

That's right, which means it's NOT up to YOU to decide and hope that they go to hell.

My answers are above.
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