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brassangel - Thanks for your responses, not a bad list. Obviously I disagree with the order of the top 10 as mine was different. But we all have our own reason's, I'll explain mine if you want me to. In regards to the later posting, I'd say I agree with your assesment that in a best of 3 Ali probably would come out on top against all other fighters at least 2-1, with the next best probably Lewis and Holmes. Tyson probably was the most dominent in his prime, but as you may have seen my other articles, I don't think he fulfilled his potential also who did he really beat in his prime. In many boxing magazines, KO and Ring etc, the heavyweight division was regarded as being in one of it's worst states ever during the 80's, which is why Tyson looked so good. I think even considering Lewis getting knocked out by McCall and Rahman, 2 defeats which he avenged that he was in the top 3 greatest of all-time. Consider tactically brilliant,very fast for a big guy,great jab,fantastic power in both hands,could throw combinations,had every punch in the book,great chin despite what people say,look on youtube entitled Lennox had a great chin and see how many punches he took full on against some of the biggest punchers around, the 2 defeats he switched off and was overconfident, and they were great punches that put him down. Remember anyone can get knocked out in the heavyweights, McCall and Rahman despite their weaknesses as boxers could both bang. Lewis was always better against better opposition. He had more title fights than everyone else with the exception of Ali,Holmes and Holyfield. He beat everyone he ever faced and also beat the 2 other greats of his era, a lot of people say they were over the hill, but so was Lewis, he was just as old when he fought them. And apart from the 70's the heavyweight division was never stronger, so the quality of his opponents were better than in other eras, for example Joe Louis and his bum of the month(I'm not dissing Louis in any way, it wasn't his fault, he reigned for so long and had record number of defenses, so hat off to him, he's a legend. His quality of opposition though wasn't great) Also Lewis fought everyone there was to fight in his era and beat them all, with the exception of Bowe and Moorer. Bowe didn't want a piece of Lewis, and Lewis would have got rid of him in 6 rounds, and Moorer well, if a 45 yr old Foreman could knock him out, i'm sure Lewis would have done as well. Another thing Lewis was it seemed to me at some points being frozen out of the heavyweight picture, America wanted and american champion, despite this he still persisted with his dream and won the title 3 times, from 1992 until 2003 and became undisputed champ as well. Apart from 2 blips he reigned for 11 yrs. Taking all that into account not many can match or better achievments, which is why he deserves to be in the top 3.
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