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Default Looks like the revolution is at an end

[color=red:7fcc92c340]lainaloveskisses (11:08:52 PM):[/color:7fcc92c340] so **** off
[color=red:7fcc92c340]lainaloveskisses (11:08:53 PM):[/color:7fcc92c340] hate
[color=blue:7fcc92c340]TheDoggfather714 (11:08:58 PM):[/color:7fcc92c340] he just responded
[color=blue:7fcc92c340]TheDoggfather714 (11:09:06 PM):[/color:7fcc92c340] happiness

**** all you hatred thread people. Your leader has been ****ing turned. **** OFF and eat ****, etc etc.

Carry on
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