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Default The internet...

has afforded me way too many laughs to deny that, while sites like have hardened me, I've laughed more than I've been grossed out.

Like the fact that crack sites always advertise the raunchiest **** sites you could possibly imagine.

You guys here make me laugh way too hard most of the time. I'm feeling in a good mood and wanted to tell you guys these things before it passes.

[color=green:b0957916e8]Ensanity[/color:b0957916e8] makes me laugh so hard (even though I never click on your links) with your jokes and replies. [color=blue:b0957916e8]Kato[/color:b0957916e8], with every passing picture makes me consider the flight to Michigan even more plausible :twisted:. It's great that [color=green:b0957916e8]Squezze[/color:b0957916e8] doesn't understand half of my slang *cough* canadian *cough* yet still aims me a lot. [color=blue:b0957916e8]Tony[/color:b0957916e8]- Kielbasa, that is all I have to say. [color=green:b0957916e8]Adam[/color:b0957916e8] - the fact that you have begged me before to tell you a short joke makes you instant rockstar, and you are mexican, so viva la raza!

I've talked to [color=blue:b0957916e8]Tanner[/color:b0957916e8] like twice, and the fact that he already had me talking about smoking refries was pretty neato, plus he hates me, along with all the rest of you. Yes, ask him, he hates you.

[color=green:b0957916e8]Waylander[/color:b0957916e8]'s Homer av makes me horny,
[color=blue:b0957916e8]Bella[/color:b0957916e8] is beautiful
[color=green:b0957916e8]Money[/color:b0957916e8], you used to make me laugh, does that count?
[color=blue:b0957916e8]NHW[/color:b0957916e8], you are going to be that old man everyone hides their kids from, if you aren't already.
[color=green:b0957916e8]LSG[/color:b0957916e8] will come back, and when she does I will still have this $#$% bottle of whipped cream for her.
[color=blue:b0957916e8]Azngrl[/color:b0957916e8] makes satan happy, so he aint out killing people, that's always a plus
[color=green:b0957916e8]Hockeyfighter[/color:b0957916e8]'s sister and I look alike
[color=blue:b0957916e8]Bzob[/color:b0957916e8] is taking care of my woman until I can get there
[color=green:b0957916e8]Pal[/color:b0957916e8], I know something about you even Parazit doesnt... :P
[color=blue:b0957916e8]Parazit[/color:b0957916e8], I dont mind you at all.
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actually, quit following me around saying, "SCORE HOJAK"

and of course, my love, [color=indigo:b0957916e8]Dave[/color:b0957916e8]. You make my day, week, month, and past year like no one else can, you make me smile like no one else can, you make me moan like no one else can (DID I JUST SAY THAT? DAMN RIGHT I DID)

If I didn't mention you, I'm sorry, I forget stuff. If you've posted on this board more than like two times, I have something to say to you, trust me, so like reply and let me know I've hurt your feelings. and I'll bust out.
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