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Originally Posted by Black Barty View Post
One of them better be a Rigo rematch, because the forum cretins won't leave him alone until he avenges that loss or at least attempts it.

Btw the inexplicable hate for Donaire dates back well before the Rigo loss. I think it started when he tried to leave TR and sign with GBP. I really don't know what caused it. Maybe the Pac fanboys got mad at him because he was unwilling to play second fiddle to their idol? That's the only explanation I can think of.
I think some of it has to do with the incident with his father but IMO why he gets hated on is because he is plainly an unlikable person. Bad personality, excuses, lazy training. His interviews are cringe worthy. All of that combined with HBO trying to shove him down the fans throats it has caused a lot of hate.

Anyway expect Top Rank and HBO to put him in with more slow fighters which he will look good against.
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