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Default 8-4 Hearns after 12 rounds!

Hearns clearly & easily won the 1st 6 rounds, then lost 7 & 8, then began boxing & moving & won 9 & 10, then lost the next 2, Hearns was too overconfident & ****y for his own good in this one, he definitely thought he was the superior fighter in this matchup, not giving Leonard enough respect or credit at the time & that was his biggest mistake, after dominating the 1st 6, Hearns left began to drop & just hang out there & he kept his right low, it was so easy for him, he became even more ****y & overconfident, & I believe Leonard to be the smarter fighter, because he saw Hearns lowing his arms & in the 7th attacked & caught him, Hearns did revert back to his Amateur days when he moved & jabbed & boxed, which in the Pros he had never had to do, & he outboxed Leonard, & although hurt in the last round, I believe he was not hurt enough to stop the fight, these were at the time, 2 of the greatest fighters in the game, you let it go, you let them fight until 1 of them gives up or hits the canvas, you don't jump in and stop it, when the guy is still moving his head & body to avoid punches, hurt yes, stopped, not yet, let it go & see if Leonard finishes him or if he survives to get the win..
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