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Maybe I should address your post as well as the link:

Originally Posted by Mannie Phresh View Post
[Link View Has Been Removed. Click Here To Unlock This Content.]

So the earth is over heating due to greedy rich men trying to kill us for money, right?
No. I don't think I've seen this claim outside of basket-case environmentalists who are as anti-science as you are.

That is the lie fed to us by the state run media.
State run media = any media that does not agree with your personal political opinion at any point.

Of course should the "state run media" momentarily agree with you then all previous animosity will be immediately forgiven.

The state thate violates the 1st amendment right of the press and you hear no complaints from cnn or msnbc. Stealing phone records of the ap.
This has nothing to do with climate change. I made the critical error of believing that this thread was about scientific contention, not right wing talking points.

The administration that targets constutional organizations by perverting the irs to suit its political agenda.
No evidence of this whatsoever. This whole manufactroversy is a flash in the pan. You're referring to the accusation that the IRS was targeting for scrutiny organisations who were applying for tax exempt status who had words like "Tea Party" or "Patriot" in their names. Leaving aside for a moment the fact that 60% of applicants who were flagged for scrutiny did not meet this description, I think that any group that defines itself by its opposition to taxation should be scrutinised when applying to be tax exempt. Failure to act in such a situation would be negligent.

Not forgetting of course the fact that this activity emerged among the front-line IRS agents and once the higher ups learned about it the practise was forbidden. And that this prohibition occurred before the GOP started its little tantrum.

Oh and it has nothing to do with climate change.

The same state that targets retired vets over muslims through profiling for potential terrorist threats.
I don't get it. Are the muslims into climate change? Are the vets all climate change deniers? What does this have to do with your link?

These are the same people that see gun owners as guilty until proven innocent despite the bill of rights 2nd amendment right because of the acts of criminals.
No more than seeing car owners of being guilty until proven innocent.

The germans took away the rights of the jews to own and bear arms before ww2. History and facts support my arguments fear and hate support the guilty til proven innocent liberals.
Sadly your block-o-text smorgasboard was attached to a link about climate change and had absolutely no consistency. I'd suggest sticking to a single argument in future.
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