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Problem is that's not his game.

Pulev is 32 years old, he's not magically going to become a pressure fighter in 1 training camp, it's not his style.

This fight will be fought from range, where Pulev is outgunned.

You just described the way Haye wins as if both fight their usual styles.

this is why I bet on Haye
Pulev may adjust when he fights a smaller man but it remains to be seen. He fought long vs that tall chap whos name eludes me and he is generally a nice boxer but if he was against a small quick guy I think hed have to adjust his game and he is sensible enough to know that. He cant expect to box the same against every style he faces. Most guys who face Haye look at the Thompson blueprint and think he will gas if the apply steady pressure. Its only worked twice though.

Im abit ashamed to admit that I picked Chisora to beat Haye on points. I thought if he could walk through Vtalis punches, Chisora could walk through Hayes and eventually wear him down and win rounds so perhaps Im underestimating Haye abit. I was wrong in that fight but Chisora was on a losing streak and Pulev is all around a better fighter.

Close competative fight IMO
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