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Default Alabama KKK and Memphis Grape Street Crips Unite

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MEMPHIS, TN ( - It's an unlikely team. A local gang is teaming up with members of the Ku Klux Klan to protest a planned Klan rally in Memphis at the end of next month.

A member of the Grape Street Crips says he and his gang want to cripple a KKK rally that's planned for Memphis, and the gang is ganging up with Klansmen to do just that.

When Dajuan Horton learned about the KKK's plans for a rally in Memphis, he decided to take a stand.

"The first thing I was thinking was the largest rally you've even seen and you're telling us about it. You're sending the first blow, we're not throwing blows we're going to dodge that one and hug you."

Horton also decided to make a video speaking out against the Klan rally. The YouTube video got the attention of thousands of people across the country, including Bradley Jenkins, the Imperial Wizard for the United Klan of America.

"We will stand resolute with the citizens of Memphis and this young man and anyone in town, no matter what color they be, because hate and racism has no place," he said.

Horton, an admitted gang member, says his fellow gang members didn't initially like the idea of standing side by side with members of the Ku Klux Klan.

"They were like, 'Juan don't mess with the KKK, they're going to hang you, boy!' But I trusted my first mind. I met with them and we'll keep meeting until the rally March 30th."

Jenkins, who lives in Alabama, says it didn't take long for him to decide he wanted to team up with Horton and his gang.

"This young man and the people of the community do not need to fear the Klan coming. People making accusations that thousands of Klansmen are coming to fill the streets of your town - that's one little man speaking for many got to stop," he said. "Don't be fooled. They're fooling the media, everybody these folks saying they're Klan, they're not Klan."

Jenkins added, "The Ku Klux Klan stands for not self but others. How can that be for others arguing over the name of a park inside of a city that made the decision to rename it? That is the community's prerogative."

Both Horton and Jenkins admit people may be skeptical that the Klan and gang members can get along, but that's exactly what they're going to do. So far, they city has not approved the permit for the rally.
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