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Originally Posted by Bloody$Nate$ View Post
Cotto still has 2-3 good fights left in him IMO. How can you say he's washed up when he fought a fresh prime guy like Trout to a tough close fight that I scored a draw. He got a few bruises but he didn't take a crazy amount of damage.

Perfect stradegy IMO. Any of the 4 fighters from may 4th makes sense unless trout and mayweather win. Then they should fight and Cotto should fight Canelo if he wants Floyd or Trout. He could dominate Guerrero IMO and make a run at Bradley, Pacqiuao and maybe Marquez if he doesn't mind going back to 147. If Canelo won The trout rematch still is there so cotto can possibly redeem himself and get a Floyd or Pac rematch, or Mega fight with canelo to end his career with one last hurrah.

I think he's past the point of tune ups. Sure others like Marquez, Floyd and Martinez do their thing and many other fighters. What most people don't give him enough credit is he's fought some of the toughest guys out there and has been the 3rd best 147 and a solid 154lber fighting 16 world champions. And he only has a few fights left. 3 at the most. Molina already is fighting K9 vs Ishe winner GTFO out of here I'm sure he's not complaining so why are you expecting cotto to fight him?

People need to stop trippin with this "Cotto isn't a HOFer. He's not an ATG losing some of his biggest fights. But he was in these several huge fights fighting 16 world champions and beating the opponents he's had. Cotto is a lock hall of famer. At worst he's a poor mans Roberto Duran. You know how Duran was great but lost the most head to head match ups of the Fantastic 4 80s era. Cotto lost to Pac and Floyd but beat Margarito Mosley Torres Quintana Magnilini, Clottey, Judah. After both his losses to Floyd and Pac he didn't take a tune up he fought a world champ.

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