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Oscar will go down likely as an ATG. Both fought and beat him... Floyd beat a younger, bigger, slightly out of prime Oscar, in a smaller ring, with the gloves Oscar wanted and pretty much everything else Oscar wanted. Both of them made their careers off of Oscar. Floyd has not pushed himself through his career, and could have easily topped the ATG list. The question I ask myself is that in this day and age when there's more doping going on, money and promoters run everything, etc is this. Is it really worth it to push yourself for a legacy? When you're dead, you don't know how or what people think of you as a fighter. If I made 30 or 40 million a fight fighting guys like Cotto, who are dangerous, but you know you are favored against and are all but sure you can beat. Why risk your health by moving up to say 160 to fight a Martinez or another puncher who you could possibly get hurt against?

I don't think Floyd cares about what people think about his legacy. He's not going to go down as one of the top 5, 10, 20 atg's... BUT he will ALWAYS have those who make a case for why he should be there based on talent.

Let's take a look at the wonderful lives of just a few of the ATG's after their careers ended.

Louis-went out poor and suffered dementia, paranoia
Manny-"supposed" signs of Parkinsons and after that KO will be lucky to not wind up permanently damaged.

Can anyone name a fighter who has made it out of this sport who doesn't slur his speech, **** his pants, has Parkinsons or some other sort of condition? ATG or not, all of them are human lives and it makes a case as to why getting PED's out of this sport is, or should be of the utmost importance.

To answer the question however... Corrales was thought to be a huge test for Floyd, many picked him to lose by KO. It wasn't that he won, but his complete domination. Hernandez was a very good win for Floyd and Oscar as well for a guy who was already a small WW, let alone a JMW. Castillo? His record does not suggest his skill level in his prime IMO. I feel like this was a very good win. You have to look beyond paper what is on these guys lists though and more watching of their actual fights.

Manny? Well i'm biased and feel his "rise" was largely tainted by the catchweights, same type style fighters and based off the way he defeated these guys he was going to steamroll little JMM, only to get a boxing lesson in #3 and was lucky to wake up at all in #4. A fifth fight for him could mean real problems.
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