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Default Christ, NSB sucks tonight...

... it's getting so that if I made a troll thread, it'd still contain more worthwhile discussion than 90% of the crap in there.

When I last looked, three of the threads on the front page had the word "hate" in them.

"Why the hate for X?" "Why do so many people hate on X?"

I used to go around talking about how much I hated people.......... when I was SEVEN. The idea that a boxing discussion forum for adults (supposedly) would contain such fifth grade retardation day in, day out, is beyond me.

80% of the topics in there concern a guy who fights once a year, and a Pinger who are never going to fight. I like both boxers, they're very talented, but they shouldn't dominate conversation the way they do. (Disregard this statement if your username contains the letters "LA" and "RRY", obviously).

If NSB was a paper edition right now I wouldn't even use it to wipe my arse.
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