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It's the disingenuous attitude of it that gets me. It'd be like if you went to McDonald's and Derrick Coleman said "as a special treat, I'll ask if you'd like extra fries with it."

It might seem a small thing, but the next time she says it, I'm going to jump over the counter, yank her pants down and nail her clitoris to the counter. Then, as she writhes in agony, I'll break her jaw in three places before slashing her leg open with a stanley knife and then spraying it with the HIV virus. And I'll go "do me a meal deal now, ****. Go on, do me a special favour. Bend over backwards and really do me a ****ing treat, you ****ing rancid WHORE. Go on, I ****ing DARE YOU to say that to me one more ****ing time."

**** she is.
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