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"I got Miguel Cotto by UD" thread  :fing02: - jose830 

Originally Posted by Cupocity303 View Post
Yes, you're right. But you missed the part where I acknowledged this. I.E. in the vary last paragraph. There was no interest in this like there was with Margarito. Even with Floyd apparently "ducking" the remake of Margarito in the form of Guerrero, nobody will start saying that Floyd is scared to lose. They tried it and they failed. That article of "exerts picking Guerrero to beat Floyd" was the attempt to make him into something he is not.

Essentially, Alexander is his Baldomir of 2008. A protest fight and a collective Fuck You to the establishment. "I will fight the boring brother from St. Louis and give him the PPV payday, instead of the Mexican-American that you all conjured up out of thin air to be a perceived threat",
and I'm paraphrasing as Floyd obviously wouldn't have the wits to say it exactly like that.
What PPV payday??? I think this is the first Floyd fight in years that does under 1 Million PPV buys.

Hey. Im black, im a brother, but I ain't buying this ****.

Andre Berto (when undefeated) Vs Mayweather? Cool
Mayweather Vs Bradley? Cool
Mayweather Vs Keith Thurman? Cool
Mayweather Vs Austin Trout? Cool

May Vs Devon??? HELL NO
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