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Yes, there is a test that Holyfield used back in the day right here - do a google search for "hatfield trains Holyfield for Tyson"

I took the concept of heart rate and modified it for myself, this is one that I have used personally:

Run for 5 mins at easy pace to warm up

Run for 3 mins hard with punching (yes, punch straight out while you are running), You donít have to punch on every single step but at least 70-80% of the time, you are trying to get your heart rate above 170 beats per minute (bpm) by the first couple minutes. Within the last 30 seconds you should be pushing to get your heart rate above 180 bpm. Once three minutes is up walk at a moderate pace, watch your heart rate and see if you can get it down to 120 bpm or less by relaxing and breathing. If you can get it there then go again for a second round. The round where you struggle with recovery and canít get your heart rate down to around the 120 bpm mark is where your current threshold is. Itís basically the round will most likely gas out in an all out fight.

If you are struggling to bring your heart rate down by the third or fourth interval then you need more work. You need to spend more time on run intervals, and all out full speed shadowbox and bagwork sessions where you push the intensity and speed up to your threshold. In other words you should be working so hard that you are begging for the bell to ring by the 4th round.

If you do not have a heart rate monitor then after 3 mins is up find your heart rate and count how many beats you get in 10 seconds, then multiply by six. If you get around 30 beats in that time then you have hit the approximate intensity for the test. The only problem with this method is that there is a lag, by the time you measure your heart rate manually you will have recovered a bit and it will have slowed down. Once a minute is up check your heart rate again for 10 seconds, you want to clock around 20 beats.
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