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Originally Posted by Skittlez View Post
Yes.. I will like to apologize. The reason I posted those pictures is that the thread starter belongs in the '2nd category' of Klitschko fans (Freedom, Wladowns aka vladimir23 on ESB,)

You belong in the 1st category.

I will favor this version of Wladimir over almost everyone as well.

He is around Lennox's size, has massive power, great boxing skills, is more athletic than Lennox (debatable though), and is better technically than Lennox.

The only reason I will favor Lewis over Wlad is because Lennox had the ability to turn a fight into a Pier Six brawl and had good inside fighting skills. Lennox's jabs will often be followed by a variety of hooks, short lefts,upper cuts, over hands+ combinations .Wlad's jab is followed by the straight right.
Lewis on the inside will often have Hopkins like tactics as well in hurting opponents during clinches.
Lennox had under rated defense as well, he is a very good counter puncher and during his peak had his own variation of the shoulder roll (see Briggs Fight) which he effectively pulls off.

I don't see Wlad or Lewis beating Peak Ali and for me both Wlad and Lewis will be in danger against a Peak Tyson.

The problem is we can't under estimate the OTHER big 2 from the 90's -Peak Bowe and Holyfield.

The best version of Bowe and the best version of Holyfield are surely 50/50 fights or nearly so against Wladimir. This is no knock on Wlad.. because the best versions of Bowe/Holyfield can beat 90% of all the Heavys who ever fought.

To me h2h.. It's divided into several tiers.

Tier 1

Tier 1 A

Tier 2

Anybody from Tier 1 can lose to Tier 1 A.. and vice versa.

Tier 2 will be the slight under dogs, but will still be 40/60 fights.

These heavys I listed are just the elite of the elite in terms of overall h2h..
Fair enough.
I already gave my opinion on prime vs prime (lennox vs wlad).

Although these two have some similarities (strong Manny's fingerprint) I still believe they are quite different fighters. Both of them have certain advantages over the other.

Lennox is a more versatile fighter. He likes wars, he is not afraid to trade punches - although his chin is not among the greats it's better than Wlad's. He throws good combos and body punches. He is strong as ox.

Wlad on the other hand is head hunter. He is the faster fighter, with better foot work and exceptional defense (this is the main think Manny developed in Wlad). He controls the distance perfectly and it is extremely hard to catch him. His chin might be his biggest weakness, but it's not as bed as people trying to make it. It's average.

Emanuel broke this match-up very nicely and he said that Lennox would fight one and only one way. He would like to come inside and stay there. If he manage to do that 90% he would win. Now the question is would he be able to do that with faster, better foot-work fighter with an exceptional jab (one of the best in HW ever) who can also punch very hard (even harder than Lennox according to Manny). Although he doesn't have the speed or the head movement of prime tyson, lennox is strong as hell and maybe he just manages to do it. But his chin again is not the best one and there is always a possibility he would run into Wlad's big right. From the outside I gave advantage to Wlad - I think he can outland Lennox from the outside due to superior speed and jab.

For me it's toss up... very very evenly matched fight. They are both great tactic players and that must be taken into account. It would be a brain power war as well as a physical battle. I have a very high opinion on Lennox and his career. I wouldn't strongly choose any fighter over Lennox except prime Ali (who would beat any fighter that ever lived). But I also have an equally high opinion on Wlad.

I have watched almost every Lennox fight when he fought them, then I am rewatching them on the regular bases. I do the same with Wlad's fights and I can tell how much did he improved and what an animal he became. It's 50:50 for me.. I am positive in one - it would be an epic fight.
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