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From a neutral point of view (meaning I'm not a nutt hugging boxing fan like *******s and *****s) I think Donaire beats Mares. GBP is making a mistake on this one. We all know that Mares wants to beat Donaire's bu?tcheeks so bad that I'm sure that he is the drive behind all this. What surprises me is that GBP is backing him with an astonishing 3 million dollars. It is in the best interest of Top Rank to take this deal IMO.

On the otherhand, maybe GBP is doing all this to put Top Rank on the spot. Like a kid daring another kid to step up so as to prove to the entire class that he's a punk little biatc?

The offer is too good to ignore. If Top Rank declines, it sure proves that Bob Arum is what is ruining boxing and that he is the sole reason why Mayweather vs Pacquiao never happened.
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