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Heya, my first post btw
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When I started boxing, the first sparring partner I had knocked me over. He was some awful 'experienced' bloke. I couldn't remember getting punched - one second I was standing the next I was on the floor.

Even though I was pretty good at taking punches I was terrible at hitting people as I didnít want to hurt anyone and didnít have the confidence. After that one sparring session I started hitting a lot harder than I should have been for light-con sparring. But after that sparring session I had it in my head that if I didnít hit my opponent hard and keep him on the defensive I'd get hurt again. Which is obviously not the point of light con sparring.

I've been keeping at it for 5 months now and managed to change how I spar. What I noticed the good veteran boxers do is outbox the noobs. They use footwork and get away from every hit and only throw jabs. Once the noob tires himself out by missing all the time, the vets just throw a few (not insanely hard) body shots and hooks and the nooby normally has to stop cause he's exhausted.

A lot of noobs go all out because they are scared about being hit or knocked out. I know that was why I hit really hard in the beginning. If you just keep passive on them, most of them calm down, then you can turn up the heat a little. Some idiots are just looking to hurt people though.
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