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^ thanks for the replies guys. those were both long thought out responses i really appreciate it..

reply to dan_cov:
about the biceps, i know exactly what you mean. i don't know know why i listed it there, but at most i'll either skip it or spend 10 minutes on it. yesterday for example was arm day, but i didn't do biceps at all. about the triceps, i must have forgot to list it but i do them after my chest workout.
about more rest days, at this point i don't think it's worth it. i've got a long way to go at the moment, and i don't see the point of taking a day off. i do strongly agree with you in terms of the cardio though.

reply to hayZ:
like i mentioned earlier, diet is where i'm lacking the most in knowledge. i know all about macros, carbs for energy, difference between brown and white, protein obviously, etc. thinking about it, maybe not lacking knowledge, but actually lacking the disciple to calculate my daily macros...

I couldn't sleep last night. I got home around 1am from the gym, and was feeling hyped when i got home as usual. I should also aware you guys I'm taking 2 doses of ec stack as well. I spent the time until 4am basically reading up more on boxing, watching videos on techniques, etc. I woke up at 8:30am this morning, not feeling like that tired surprisingly. I left my front door at 9:30am and didn't get back until 11:00am. I just looked at googlemaps and the distance i jogged/walked was about 4.5 miles. Jogging is something I've always hated. The temperature outside(toronto) is -12celsius. To be honest i must have jogged a third of that and walked the other two thirds. I HAVE TO QUIT THE CIGS. On the second half of the jog going home, I started feeling the pain in my knee again. I could push through it and keep jogging but I'm legitly afraid of re-injuring it. The back of the knee started stiffening and feeling really tight. I originally injured it swinging a bat, playing baseball for the first time in 6-7 years. It was torque motion, no broken bones, just a torn ligament that caused it to swell up.

also, i bought a speedbag yesterday.

another also, do you guys have any tips on cramping and sore calves?

i will post up videos and pics when the time comes.
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