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reply to hayz ^

no offense taken, i know i'm heavy and i am trying to lose it. like i said earlier i've been trying to lose this for a while now and it's only until these past 2 weeks where i've noticed it on the scale.

when i first started going to the gym again, i'll admit i lacked big time in cardio. since i've got back on the skip rope (back when i was 18 this is how i got to 170lbs), and i'm in love with it again. i find myself doing some new "tricks" and picked it up pretty fast, although i gotta pick up more speed and gotta stop missing the rope. also, one other thing i haven't mentioned yet is i'm recovering from a knee injury. this past june i twisted it and couldn't walk for a good month. no broken bones, just a torn ligament (i think?). there is still a feeling of discomfort and very minor pain on it, i feel it mostly on lateral movements. it also prevents me atleast for now, to run FULL SPEED.

diet. my diet has been pretty consistent since the holidays. in terms of knowledge diet is my weakness. i'm definitely eating under maintenance if i had to guess, probably under 500cals right now. i take a protein shake, eat mostly chicken/fish/beef, i try to stay with brown carbs but once a day i will have a small portion of white rice (can't resist that *****). i'm taking multivitamin, ultra fiber, and fish oil as well. i'm eating low carbs right now and starting to feel it in my workouts. the energy is there, but i'm not feeling as strong as i feel i should be (except for deadlifts). i don't know if i mentioned earlier but i believe i also have a very slow metabolism.

here's exactly how my day went today:

brunch - boiled 7 ounce chicken, 1 and a half slice of brown pita bread
snack - 2 scoops of protein shake
pre gym - small portion of white rice, about 8 ounces of tilapia
post gym - about 1 cup of cottage cheese, half a slice of brown pita bread

3pm - 30 minute skip rope
930pm - shoulder workout for 45 minutes, skip rope for an hour
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