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Originally Posted by Danny Gunz View Post
I'm confused in this 10 week period are you looking to gain strength or lose weight? If you want to lose that weight in 10 weeks likely all of your lifts will go down.
bro, i'm not looking to lose as much weight/fat as possible within those 10 weeks. to be frank, those 10 weeks is just a timeline for me to see how far i can get in terms of strength at the same time lose weight/fat. lifting wise, i'm going really hard, but fat/weight loss wise i'm not going extreme.

i've been working out on and off since 18 years old, with my weight fluctuating up and down. within that time period, 170lbs was my lowest weight (with a lot of skip rope and eating very low calorie. right now i'm about 207lbs and the strongest i've ever been with more knowledge on diet and lifting.

i strongly believe i have a really bad metabolism because for a fat guy who's pretty active and watches his diet, i don't lose that much weight/fat.

i'm on my second week of that 10 week timeline right now but it's actually been 6 weeks since i began seriously working out again. i've only lost 3lbs or so, but i'm not that worried yet. if by march and i'm still not under 200lbs, then i'll shake things up.
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