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Mundine always seems to forget that he hasn't always risen to the occassion. Twice he was out worked and twice he saw the fight out on his back and was completely incapable of rising at all, let alone rising to the occassion. The bloke is a mug and extremely unpopular in the eye of the Australian public. He would also probably do a lot better if he kept his trap shut on political and racial issues. He really isn't terribly intelligent and is constantly running his mouth of about his people in an extremely racist manner. However, I thoughroughly agreee with his claims that Australia is a racist country, given his racial outbursts against the very system that has provided for him, his family and hundreds of thousands of aboriginal people. If he wants his people to have more, he should be providing for them with some of his, undeniably, hard earnt money. His people already recieve far more benfits than any of the white Australians....gee I could tell some stories on that. Mundine, I hope Geale whoops your arse.
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