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Originally Posted by ~BoZz~ View Post
1. The politicians are dictating everything?

Well no. If they screw up or they hang on too long in power they are deposed by the electorate.

You are so naive,sometimes I really think you're just taking the piss out of everyone on here but looks like you're really lost.
I'm most familiar with the parliamentary system but the US system works in a similar way. Senators and congressmen can lose their seats, presidents can fail to win a second term and in any case the US system limits presidents to two terms. In the West you simply do not get despotic governments that are perpetuated by strongarm at the behest of one man or group of men. Of course you counter-culture conspiretards like to say you do. Purely because you know that saying so is unlikely to net you the same harsh penalties you could expect if your claims were actually true.

Did bush become president because he was really voted by the people??I mean he's not very bright as we know especially when it comes to leading a country
You don't have to be bright to be elected. You only have to be popular. And he was popular enough to win in enough states to win the election, despite losing the popular vote against Al Gore. (Al Gore, I bet you're just a huge fan of him, right?) He also comes from a dynastic American political family and was previously Governor of a very populous State. He didn't come out of nowhere.

Obama would never be in power if it wasn't for his zion-jew connections..we all know that America cares more about Israel than their own people...
And where conspiretards lurk, antisemitism is never far behind.

All I'm saying is don't give us the "electorate" sh1t...the people behind pull the strings ..
Which people? Don't be candid. Are we referring to the unnamed people who secretly have all the power and are comfortable keeping this a secret? Do you think that those people exist? Are they all Jews, or just some of them?

England,France,America,Germany and of course Israel all Illuminati countries..the royals in England are a part of it too..those scumbags don't serve a purpose..not one ass in the family has a job..but yet they're very powerful and have a big saying..I wonder why.
If you were interested in learning a bit about history you might find out why. By the way "haven't got a job"? Soldier isn't a job now?

Originally Posted by ~BoZz~ View Post
Says the guy living in a fantasy world believing everything the government tells him..I bet you're a big royal fan..bowing down to the "queen" when she drives past in her limousine.
That's the Queen alright, always taking her limousine out for a spin to see the proles bow. After they do exactly what the government tells them of course.

You really don't have much of a clue about politics do you? Are you old enough to vote? I sincerely hope not.
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