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Thumbs down What is hurting boxing are these School boy looking non scary boxers

Seriously, anyone else think this is hurting the sport?

Boxing needs some scary tough guys like Tyson, Duran, young George Foreman, Sonny Liston, Mayorga, Vargas, lamotta not these school boy looking guys who look like good kids who get good grades or are mama boys. We have the trash talkers like Rigo, Mayweather, Froch, Fury, Haye, Broner but nobody is intimidating anymore and people want to see that scary figure in boxing the way Tyson and Duran brought it someone who is not friendly to his opponents and talks serious crap. The closest we got to that is Brandon Rios but he sounds like a gomer pyle when he speaks and that weirdo Chisora but he sucks.

Danny Garcia this kid is the opposite of his father, rarely cusses, pretty respectful in interviews, looks like some pretty boy who is more focus on the ladies than boxing, without his trash talking dad he wouldn't have much attention to him.

The Klitschko brothers, phd's, act like gentleman all the time, mama boys, don't talk smack, Chisora even spit in Wlad's face and Wlad didn't even do anything back. These guys are way too nice, they need to show some Ivan Drago type rage to make themselves more marketable as the Russian villains in the USA.

Gennady Golovkin looks like he can't even harm a fly always smiling and not being rude in interview trying to be friendly, this guy is one of the least intimidating looking fighters ever. Stop smiling! please, this is boxing we want some bad guys who grew up cold blooded and are savages like Roberto Duran.

Manny Pacquiao cant say a bad word just smiles and giggles looks like he cant harm a fly either calls fighters he is fighting his friends wtf, I mean the weigh ins lack any drama he is trying to laugh and act like this is just a fun game or something, only time I really seen someone mean mugg him was Tim Bradley and pac looked like his feelings were hurt.

Mikey Garcia this guy is a freaking good old boy, doesn't drink or do drugs, doesn't talk crap, is working on a college degree, graduated the police cadet academy, way to polite in interviews.

Andre Ward, can this guy do any wrong? looks like a college student and church helper who likes to give out food to the homeless.

Nonito Donaire overly friendly in interviews, looks like a school kid, non intimidating.

Devon Alexander wtf is up with this kid? always giggling and laughing and smiling even when he tries to talk crap, dude looks like a kid who likes to annoying his older brothers, come on man grow up already dude stop laughing all the time its not a joke, seriously man Alexander is one of the worst does he take anything serious its like he has to smirk every time something serious is asked. Looks like a church kid too.
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