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Originally Posted by SonnyDempsey View Post
Yep, it's all about the feints especially. Nobody seems to try and lure Floyd into anything. They just go punch-crazy and start throwing shots at his head.

Think of it like a video game. If there was a boss at the end of some level who did the shoulder roll, and hooks/overhand punches didn't work, would you keep on throwing them over and over? No. But that's what fighters seem to keep doing against Floyd Mayweather, when they should be finding some unorthodox way of getting through his defenses.

We've seen the jab work more than any other shot against Floyd. Oscar landed his often, as did Cotto. Miguel Cotto caught Floyd with like three jabs in a row. Three SLOW jabs at the end of a round. So the jab works.

If you use feints, you disrupt his shoulder roll, because he rolls the "ghost" punch and then rolls back into the "real" punch. Also, you'd have to do a little bit of acting and pretend he caught you with a good shot. Floyd always opens his chin straight into the air when he's got an opponent hurt. Just look at the Ortiz "knockout." He's wide open for a counter there, but Ortiz is too busy getting hit to notice.

Feints, a jab and mental chess. And if you throw a right hand, jab to the body and go over the top with it, a la Shane Mosley. Also see Hearns / Duran.
Exactly right. Floyd is VERY reactive as a fighter. Any little flinch and he is either ducking down, pulling back or rolling his arms and elbows to block any oncoming attack. A little feint here and there could set up straighter shots.

Castillo did well in that regard, making Floyd bend or lean back before actually launching punches at him. Oscar as well. Just watch Roy Jones against Toney too. Lots of feinting and lead straight punches getting Toney off balance and out of his comfort zone.
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