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Originally Posted by luke1979 View Post
Reading your comment did make me chuckle, hearing Kell's ambition and passion for the fight with words destiny n'all and then to be so bluntly shot down was hilarious, I'm still laughing. Sometimes the comments on this site are brilliant.

Seriously though, I agree. Kell has earned this fight but I think the lack of experience at world level will tell in this fight and Kell will lose on points but learn alot in the process. I think Kell is heavy handed and that will help him but Alexander is a level or two above him in experience and discipline and that should win him the fight on points.

I have so much respect for the way Alexander handled Maidana, watching that fight was for me like a matador vs a bull. He showed bravery and skills to contain a very live and dangerous albeit crude opponent that night. I think it was his best performance and he showed he has the ability and mentality of a champion, I've never seen Kell do that, where he's dominant but always in danger.

Kell knows what its like not have it all your own way from the Carson Jones fight, but that was after building an early lead and he just needed to survive to get the W. This time however I don't think he will have his way from the start and although I see him finishing the fight on his feet, by the time he figures out what to do it will be too late. He should be coming in to the fight in great shape, but ring smarts and tenacity will probably see Alexander to a clear and well earned victory. I don't see Kell being a pushover and that's good for Alexander, good for Kell and good for us so it should be good to watch and I look forward to it.

This is boxing though and anything can happen but my money is on Alexander.
Listen, let's not give Alexander too much credit. Maidana is a limited fighter. Period. He's a hard puncher, but has come up short against every top opponent he came up against. You talk about Kell surviving to get the W. But at least he fought his heart out to make sure he got it. He didn't quit when he was in trouble. Let's be honest here, in every fight Alexander has stepped up he's looked crap. Against Mathysse, he lost. Cut the crap and let's be honest - it was a homecooking. Against Kotelnik, he could have lost. Against Bradley, he quit and the HBO will most likely never show him again. Maidana is limited, but I'll give him his props for that and the Urango fight. Bailey threw the least amount of shots EVER in a title fight. If he didn't win that one, I don't know what he'd do. Alexander is the favourite, because he's better known and has fought better opposition. Fair enough. But talent wise, size and power - Kell Brook is ahead. This guy can really be a star. Let's see. I'm willing to bet on Brook if anyone wants it.
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