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Originally Posted by S. Saddler 1310 View Post
i found 5 conceivable permutations, the most generous for Kessler resulting in a draw.

7-4-1 Froch
6-5-1 Froch
6-4-2 Froch
7-5 Froch
6-6 draw

i'd have to go back and rewatch to identify precisely which rounds i gave to which fighter and which rounds were open to interpretation enough as to account for the small differences in those scores.

* to denote the rounds i saw as being conceivably open to interpretation

Round 1: Froch
Round 2: Froch
Round 3: Kessler
Round 4: * (i favour Froch)
Round 5: Froch
Round 6: Kessler
Round 7: Kessler
Round 8: Kessler
Round 9: * (i favour Froch)
Round 10: *
Round 11: Froch
Round 12: Froch

of the 9 rounds in which i determined a clear winner, Froch won 5 to Kessler's 4.

the other 3 rounds account for the subtly varying scoring permutations quoted above. i would have to give Kessler 2 of those arguable rounds (too kind to him) to give him a draw (114-114) and all of those rounds (much too partial to him) to give him a win (115-113).

i do not favour Kessler in 2 out of 3 of those rounds, much less all 3. i favour Froch in two of them with the other going to Kessler or being even (115-113 or 116-113 Froch), although i could show kindness and split the rounds even at 1-1-1 (115-114 Froch) or even score two of them even and give only one to Froch (116-114 Froch)

Froch had a very compelling case to win this fight.

round by round breakdown in case any reader is curious why i scored rounds how i scored them

Round 1: Froch (Kessler touching the body some, but Froch taking the round leading the Dane onto the jab and dropping in his right hand)

Round 2: Froch (Kessler's best moments are a right to the body early in the round and a left to the body late in the round, but he's well outjabbed in this stanza)

Round 3: Kessler (Kessler wins the round with the heavier jabs and the better power-punching, much of it to the body, although Froch isn't completely without reply, landing his hook and right hand at points in the latter minute and a half)

Round 4: * (Kessler shunting Carl around with a pumping jab for the first minute or so but Froch gradually works his way into the round, flickering his own jab into Kessler's face and landing a very hard right hand at the midpoint, Froch lands an uppercut and a right to the body, both guys doing effective work with the jab in the last minute or so - although you could conceivably make a case for either man, I liked Froch here)

Round 5: Froch (right hand and left hook of Carl tell early in the round, Kessler's 1-2 to the body bosses Froch backward for a minute, an aggressive rally by Carl causes Kessler to slip and tumble, Froch takes the initiative from here, landing power punches, roughing Kessler up, popping his jab in Kessler's face regularly and shaking him with a hard right hand)

Round 6: Kessler (hard right hand early in the round for Kessler, he's looking good in this round with sharp jab and bodywork, Froch starts to re-establish his jab a little way before the midpoint, backs Kessler up with some partially landed combinations and now for the rest of the round they vie back and forth for control, both trying to land big but neither able to detonate, Kessler overall a bit more authoritative in the round)

Round 7: Kessler (Kessler bleeding in this round, but much the more effective fighter, his aggression now brings authority with it, while Froch is very lazy throughout the round, nothing much else to observe)

Round 8: Kessler (Froch just too inactive again, gets caught and buzzed with a hard right late in the round, after which he wakes up a bit, but can't muster a rally nearly effective enough to swing the round in his favour)

Round 9: * (this round is actually pretty close, I liked Froch more as the round progressed, more authoritative in the exchanges, landing more of the better power-punches and keeping his jab working constantly to unsettle Kessler, now better controlling the Viking tide that was threatening to consume him - although you could conceivably make a case for either man, I liked Froch here)

Round 10: * (excepting a solid hook that starts the round well for Kessler, round is even up until the midway point before both men get through with a right hand each, Froch's jab game picks up from here, a good left hook moves Kessler back and makes him momentarily cautious, the last minute or so of the round is dotted with exchanges where neither man is able to make more than partial contact with their bombs, Kessler gets through to the body some in the round)

Round 11: Froch (Kessler starts the round well enough even while Carl's jab remains a constant, but as the round progresses and they begin to exchange, it's Froch who is putting on more hurt, a right hand makes Kessler sag a little, a combination through the guard makes him hold a little later, Froch wins the round by doing more of the effective power-punching)

Round 12: Froch (Kessler slightly shading the round by the midpoint, an eye-catching double jab-right hand making the only difference, but both guys becoming very sloppy and inaccurate, fatigue no doubt playing a part, Kessler landing a left hook and a right hand as we get into the final one minute and thirty seconds but Froch's upper body movement takes the brunt of the impact off the shots, Froch now landing harder power punches to back Mikkel up, right hands as well as the glancing hook that Kessler rolls away from as we move toward the final minute, Kessler lands his own left hook and they begin to exchange, blows cuffing if landing at all, Kessler's aggressive burst backs Froch up to the ropes, Froch fights off them to centre-ring, moves Kessler around with a partially blocked left hook, lands another left hook, they exchange right hands but Froch's is harder and moves Mikkel back to the ropes, Froch tries to unload up close, Kessler holds, they break and Froch smashes Kessler with another right hand as the Dane retreats, Froch with a right to the body and a left hook, Kessler's left hook reply is blocked, Froch lands a solid jab and perhaps a right hand, hard to tell if it connects as the official obscures the view, but Kessler is now staggering back to the ropes and again he holds with 10 seconds remaining as Froch divebombs in with hands flying, they exchange for the final ten seconds, Kessler giving one final big push to try to impress the judges, moving Froch back by sheer will, but the only significant blows landed being a hard right in close by Froch and an exchange of left hooks at the bell - very competitive round, but Froch's heavier landed work made the difference)
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