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of diary Andre ..
Let me tell a story .. which recently had a chance to survive .. affiliated with box .. ot this work for you Merchant anecdote at the upcoming gala naked - salad .. the 23th avenue jade jersey, my silver pontiac solstice, alloy 16.2 places the driver passenger bucket seats and so on. (Aug kickin mill on .org, August is .. lol) Ok to shore .. together with Maks Kellerman, Don Rafael, (boys at around 20mil changing positions on top of who's who on the bottom). Elapses without an hour's drive slow in thought motto what motivates us just about everything that is not about boxing. In the end I decided to break the mark monotony roar of 172 horsepower, mixed with sighs plays with each of my two old horses biological ..
-Gentlemen! -Determination in my voice was like a green light for the rapidly expanding pupillary butter.
-I can not get enough! or be accompanied by you, we quickie life and end up on the nearest tree, or whore you stop? now!
-Take shut up ass Mark Scoop Malinowsky - Dan replied, wrinkling his forehead, among others.
-Oh .. ready .. One goat death - Eagerly Scoop groaned.
Indolent mental-Whore! - Don consciously grabbed the wheel, loose danger.
-What I meant you not spinal, but your IQ as **** do not embrace the metaphor topic .. even if you are stuffed to the brim with smelly green pants in whom parading around the house, pulling them just below the nipples exposing the limits of his miserable 8 cm, ( I read. org and slipped those of the individual human being that inche .. If you had the equipment funded Toma$ Adamczyk these weekly gastroscopy, even 24 hours a day commenting vanished not be as rigid posture ramrod $ toma and even in the eyes the biggest psychofans on - gay site with gay editorials. .) and the goat shepherd is cycled before picking asbestos.
-Do-do-well drawled - Mark Scoop, praying in the spirit of the god-dollar by Max not heard his shameful past ..
Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately Max heard .. Because his jaw dropped as Tom in 2 rd in wroclaw .. however, I began to suspect drool ... Whether such practices are on the agenda in the world of professional boxing? New light on this aspect of throwing a certain szpilberg, sire, won by the shaft, pregnancy by anal .. and how things are going in mein events? About
this August when we will reach our destination .. But that's another story ... LoL ..

Dear Mr. Scoop Malinowsky
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