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Originally Posted by JAMES_THUNDER View Post
Might be a simple answer but I mean the guys train how to punch for most of their lives and they still cant hit hard, guys like Sergio mora , Paulie malignaggi. Is it because a puncher really is born not made?
The bottom line is that punching power, like having a good chin to a large extent is natural. So, even when you work on things like foot placement and torque, it can only help so much. Tim Bradley is a perfect example. He is probably one of the most muscular guys in the game right now but cant crack an egg. Another thing to look at is leg power - the power comes from the legs and ability to torque your core.

Its just like hitting power in baseball. You can teach a guy how to hit all you want - you cant necessarily control how the ball jumps of the bat once you made your move.
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