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Originally Posted by richardt View Post
Here is the deal, if ANY boxer was leary of a fighter and they told the promoter they were, the Promoter would be able to A) Put them on the shelf, A) Go over the finer details of the contract that the Fighter signed or C) dissolve the contract. But that is not the case. The fact is, Donaire does not or at least not till recently believe Rigo had become marketable. THAT is his opinion! Nothing more, nothing less! It doesn't influence who the Promoter choses! But there is an upside to what Donaire is saying....he can also mean that he believes with a couple more fights, Rigo would be a bigger name and more money could be made. That would be a compliement! Why do you think Rigo was supposed to be on the undercard of the Donaire fight???!!

I have seen fights buildup to become better but even Arum knows they can also fall apart like Gamboa vs JuanMa when JuanMa lost. So anything can happen. Donaire has already indicated that he is ready to fight Rigo THIS YEAR. All Donaire has is an opinion about a fighter, he DOES NOT have the final say. WHO IS PUTTING UP ALL THE MONEY????? Arum is!! NONE of these Boxers at the higher levels are promiting themselves because they DON'T have the way do they have the money because they would not even know what to project and what the profit or loss could be, or the know-how so they enter into a contract with a Promoter who puts THIER OWN money up so that they can say who a fighter will fight next, when and where, periood! Promoters are looking at the money figures, the revenue, the site, the nuances of promotional aspects - and the fighter BY CONTRACT has to agree! THAT is why you hear SO MANY FIGHTERS say that "I will fight who they put in front of me" - because THEY ARE NOT THE ONES MAKING THE CHOICE!!!!! Otherwise a Promoter could say "You want to pick your opponent, fine, then you PUT THE MONEY UP!!". Watch how fast a fighter changes his mind!

ONLY a superstar like Pac will be givin a list of opponents and even within that list, the Promoter, Arum in this case will present figures and will PUSH who the opponent is and even that little say so by Pac is overruled by Arum because it is in the contract!!! Anyone other than a Pac or Floyd is going to have to submit to the opponent that the Promoter has chosen. Even a fighter's manager often doesn't know who the fighter will be fighting....I have found this out first hand when asking and it turned out the manager was waiting to hear from the Promoter who the opponent would be. The Promoter sits down with the fighter, goes over opponents, shedules, sites, and money. If the fighter is not compliant with the choice, the Promoter can enforce his legal right because it is HIS money that is being put up. Go yell at Arum, or Shaw, or King, but not the fighter. You can hate a fighter's opinion but he is not making the executive decisions.
1. I think I indicated the bold in my previous post and didn't imply anything to the contrary.

2. Everything you just wrote is essentially understood by me and has already been covered, as also indicated in my previous post.

3. Why are you yelling?
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