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Originally Posted by Prince Mongo View Post
Garcia is actually better than he looks.Although limited he is very strong in one area PUNCHING WITH HIS OPONENT. Most fighters attack then defend,counter punchers are looking to counter but Garcia plans ahead to land a bingo shot in the exchanges. When he is attacked he is actually studying patterns with a view of landing something really big in a future when he sees the pattern again. This is his strength and is over looked. Sooner or later the oponent repeats an attack pattern and Garcia knows what is coming and has a plan to get the better of the exchange.He is going to win a lot the guy that beats him will be an unpredictable boxer that is constantly changing.
I agree with everythin' you say. Plus, the dude has shown to have a solid chin. His quickness isn't subpar either. I've also noticed his punches have looked a bit less disgustingly loopy in the past 2 fights. I don't see him losin' at 140.
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