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But one that really shits me is when they put as a requirement "good sense of humour" (humor, Fat Yanks). Sorry, but wtf???? Quite apart from the fact that no one asks for a "bad sense of humour", what IS a "good sense of humour"? Does this ***** like straight up dumb ****, sarcasm, irony, or some crap from Friends? Does this stupid ****ing **** seriously think that humour is all-encompassing concept with no subjectivity at all, and that you can break it down into good/bad?

When I read **** like that, it makes me want to date the woman in question, rape her violently in her arsehole, and then, when I've fractured her pelvis, broken three of her ribs and torn her anal cavity I'll turn her around, put on a clown nose and go "is this funny, bitch? Is this your idea of a 'good' sense of humour? Only you weren't fucking specific enough."
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