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Originally Posted by sapo1 View Post
if you werent a pac turd you would know that JMM now has a statistical advantage!!! 70% of boxing rematches that endeD in KO usually has the same result only sooner in the fight!!

so when fighters get knocked out and want a rematch they usually get knocked out again even sooner that the last!!

so the numbers are in marquez favor!! he already has that advantage!!! manny pac will enter the ring with fear and doubt and will be afraid of getting caught!! if manny decides to fight marquez he will get koed again!!! if manny plays it safe and just boxes he will lose a majority decision!! manny will just try to survive 12 rounds!!!

that being said!! you say pac was looking great in the fight? what happened in round 3? pac got send to the floor hard in round 3 by a right hand!!! also in round 5 at 1:30 manny got stunned by the same right hand!!! and then koed in the 6th by the same right hand!!

and you call it a lucky punch?? also check the video out of marquez KD his sparring parter WITH THE SAME EXACT RIGHT HAND!!!
Plus hes a far smarter fighter who consistently makes the better adjustments.
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