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Originally Posted by ADP02 View Post
Easy, we were right that Floyd put every roadblock in the book. Manny accepted but then Floyd put new roadblocks. When the new roadblocks initially came out as rumors, Floyd fans got caught with stating "I will not believe it until Floyd comes out with that statement". Once Floyd confirmed those new roadblocks, Floyd fans changed their view and agreed with Floyd .... lol!

For testing to work it should be done throughout and not dependent on the fighters negotiated contract. If that was the case, Manny would have had no choice but to agree or never fight again. Secondly, it removes those who don't have the clout of not being able to negotiate that their opponent should be tested. Third point is that we would not be handcuffed the way we were as fans to wait for both fighters to finally come to terms. Finally, it should be so that the athlete can be tested 24/7, 365 days a year.

All I said still doesn't guarantee fighters can't cheat the system but its a "real" start. What I mean is when someone like Marquez's conditioning coach admits that he can think of 20 drugs that will go unnoticed even if the athlete gets tested, that means that the system is presently flawed.

Last point is that even when Manny agreed to testing, you guys still pretended that Manny has never come out with a statement that he agreed. Even now, you guys are still discussing all this like as if Manny never agreed. Just read your previous post. You are stuck in late 2009. Manny kept on moving forward and agreeing while Floyd kept on stepping back and removing previously negotiated requests ..... and finally moved on to other roadblocks once Floyd couldn't go any further on the testing issues since even Floyd admitted that there were no longer any issues pertaining to testing
pac-stain, Manny refused random blood tests without a 24-day cutoff.....

you clowns insisted that " the commission is doing its job ", so Mayweather must be a coward

now you clowns think that additional testing would be great for the sport SMH
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