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Originally Posted by ADP02 View Post
I guess that I need to remind you that from day one, it wasn't that Manny didn't agree to extra testing, he just did not agree to Floyd's cutoff dates. After that initial discussion, Manny actually agreed and Floyd also stated that testing is no longer an issue.

As far as OST, Floyd has not done that either. Floyd can take PEDs while he is on his long vacation then cycle off just weeks before the fight.

Finally, there was a poll when the 14 day cutoff was floating around where both Floyd fans and Manny fans were OK with that if it got that fight on. So to now come back and say that all of Manny's fans wanted no testing is false!!! We just wanted to see a fight ....

The problem here is that after the testing demands came the long vacations and then other roadblocks. Mix in having video clips of Floyd's uncle and father saying that they don't want Floyd fighting Manny. Plus Floyd coming out with "health is more important". So we questioned Floyds true reason for demanding testing.
Well pac-stain, which one is it.....

You can either accept the result, sit down, and shut the fuk up, or.....

..... you can admit that Mayweather was correct, and then explain why Pacquiao refused random blood tests without a 24-day cutoff.

Well, which one is it ?
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