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Default is Rigondeaux inferior than all Donaire opponents?

Lets start saying that I thing Donaire is a very talented top 5 p4p...I admire his overall dominant performances...with this said lets begin...
I took some time to colect some infomation regarding the question of if is Rigo as good for a Donaire fight as the other 122 Donaire opponents..Donaire fought four times past year @ 122 with a run that took him to many consider him fighter of the year...he owned IBF, WBO and emeritus the way to the become lineal champ he defeated three top ten @ 122 and one possible HOF in Arce..he defeated ranked # 10 wilfredo Vasquez jr by SD, ranked # 5 Jeffrey mathebula, ranked # 1 toshiaky Nishioka and a stay busy fight vs Jorge Arce...He wan two fight by KO/TKO one by SD and one by UD..the two KO wins was against fighters who seem to be past their prime..they didn't tried to fight back..Nishioka was 37 as Arce was 33 years old..they both showed in their prior fight...the other two lasted the whole 12 rounds..being both competitive..vasquez loss a SD that should have been UD sticking behind the jab ina defensive mode that worked against Donaire (not again Arce)..mathebula was very elusive and hard to catch, he threw many soft punches that puff Donaire's face..I propose you guys analise if those two guys who where competitive fights[ for Donaire are way ahead of the WBA champion Guillermo"the jackal" Rigondeaux...

Lets star with wilfredo Vasquez jr: He was a 27 years old former world champ with a record of 21-1-1 with 17 KO..he have no amateur background...and by the time Donaire fought him he had no belt..he was coming from a KO lost to old big fan base..lets see his pro fights
Octavius Davis 0-1-0
Daniel Lorenza 1-0-0
Danny Esquivel 0-3-0
Juan Camacho 0-4-0
Cature Hicks debut
Jaime Villa 5-1-0
Anhony Chacon 2-1-0
Benjamin Orosco 3-2-3
Corey Goodwin 7-3-0
Jorge Cardenas 9-5-2 this was a draw
Corey Goodwin 7-4-0
Moises Carrasquillo 2-0-0
Felipe Almanza 12-13-2
Adolfo landeros 20-10-1
Victor Martinez 14-3-0
Jose A beranza 31-14-2
Cecilio Santos 23-10-3
Genaro Garcia 36-7-0
Marvin Sonsona 14-0-1
Zsolt Bedak 15-0-0
Ivan Hernandez 26-4-1
Jorge Arce 56-6-2 He loss this one
Roberto C Leyva 27-14-1
He don't have any win against any top 10..ranked # 12 Ivan Hernandez is his best win

Lets see Jeffrey Mathebula: He was a 33 years old IBF champion of the wold who won the title in his last fight..He was 26-3-2 with 14 Ko
Mathebula is a 2000 (Sydney) athlete who loss in the second round of the contest..he never won an international event...he have an amateur record of 102-4.. lets take a look to his pro fights..
Tally Disloane 1-1-0
Goodman Maruso 1-2-1
Tshunbetso tshishonge 2-6-0
Takatso Hlane 1-0-1
Dumisani Zulu 2-3-0
Koos Sibiya 2-3-0
Molefe Benzane 6-6-1
Ebenezer Tubane 10-7-2
Wladimir Borov 15-11-1
Bonani Hlwatika 11-1-0 this was a draw
Martin Mnyandu 9-8-4
Petros Motsoahole 5-5-0
Bonani Hlwatika 11-1-1
Oupa Lubisi 13-5-1
Thomas Mashaba 11-1-4 he loss his one
Sonwabo Matayani 5-9-2
Elias Skahosana 4-2-1
Malcolm Klassen 13-3-1 this one was a draw
Oscar chauke 13-3-2
Osumanu Akaba 16-2-1
Aron Melgarejo 11-4-1
Mkhuseli Kondile 23-7-1
Themba Tshicila 20-5-3
Yoshinori Miyata 22-5-1
Julio Zarate 26-4-1
Celestino Caballero 31-2-0 he loss this one
Rashid Ally 13-12-8
Takalani Ndlovu 30-6-0 he loss this one
Sivewe Hasheni 8-3-0
Oscar chauke 27-5-2
Takalani Ndlovu 33-6-0

He have one win over top 10(ranked # 7 at the time Takalani Ndlovu)

Lets see how rigo does..Guillermo"the jackal" Rigondeaux is a 32 years old WBA champion of the world..he is ranked # 1 by Ring undefeated as a pro with a record of 11-0-0 with 8 KO
Guillermo Rigondeaux is an ATG top 3 amateur boxer who many cosider the greatest amateur boxer of all amateur he have been Olympic gold medallist two times(2000 and 2004) two times world amateur champion(2001 and 2005) two times world cup champion(2000 and 2005) one time panamerican time centroamerican and caribean champion and six times cuban national champion..he defeated in the amateur names such as Argenis Mendes, Abnes Mares, Richard Abril, luis franco, Yuriorkis Gamboa(two times) and many more...lets take a look at his short pro career

Juan Noriega 3-2-0
Robert guillen 4-2-3
Giovanni andrade 59-11-0
Lante addy 8-4-1
Adolfo landeros 20-11-1
Jose angel beranza 33-18-2
Ricardo cordoba 37-2-2
Willie casey 11-0-0
Rico ramos 20-0-0
Teon kennedy 17-1-2
Robert marroquin 22-1-0

TOTAL 234- 53-11

He have two wins over top 10 @ 122(Ricardo Cordoba and Rico Ramos)

If we compare..Rigondeaux have more wins over top 10 opponents than the other two guys who give a competitive fight to donaire..Rigo's pro opponents had a higher win/loss ratio that the other two..Rigo is ranked # 1..mathebula was ranked # 5 and vasquez # a pro Rigondeaux have achieve alredy more than those two competitive Donaire's opponents...on top of that you put Rigo's ATG amateur experience and we got to accept that right now Rigo is a better opponent....if they deserved the shot..can Rigo have his?..thanks for take your time to read this..happy new year for you all!!!!..
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